HEROES OF THE RING CHAMPIONSHIP WRESTLING LLC (HOTRCW) has recently reorganized and is positioning itself to become a premier professional wrestling digital media entertainment company.  (HOTRCW)the new management team includes individuals who possess successful marketing experience in professional wrestling and overall business development.  This experience includes scouting and developing talent, event production, digital media, and merchandising as well as the possession of key industry contacts to execute HOTRCW’s vision and business strategy.  HOTRCW is building a global provider of compelling digital content and live event productions.  

The vision and mission of the new HOTRCW are to provide exciting and athletic in-ring action and to include fun storylines, classic characters, and content appropriate for all ages.  This content will be developed and branded in a tasteful, wholesome, and classy manner.  HOTRCW content will appeal to both the father and his son or daughter.  Every event will begin with our national anthem, which hasn’t happened at a notable, live professional wrestling event for over twenty years. 

Concerning monetization, HOTRCW’s priority is in the production of episodic wrestling programming and the development of high-quality, proprietary digital media assets.  These assets will be strategically distributed in an innovative, start-of-the-art,  ‘anytime anywhere’ manner.  This includes traditional Web, mobile and wireless devices, tablets, ‘connected televisions’, traditional media and Pay-Per-View (PPV) programming, and NFL’s.  

This digital distribution strategy will initially focus on attracting a large number of registered users as a means to achieve ‘proof of concept’, thereby attracting subsequent interest from potential advertisers and sponsors. 

Indeed, all viable social media strategies will be aggressively employed to maximize the accumulation of registered users.  This approach will also validate a full-scale merchandising opportunity, including but not limited to items such as toys, food and energy drinks, clothing, video games, and other entertainment products.  A integrated branding approach is being used to marry live event production, traditional television episodic programming, and cartooning, delivered via a comprehensive digital strategy, resulting in constant and consistent recognition and loyalty.  

Current major wrestling entertainment companies are still focused on traditional live programming and have not capitalized on the huge opportunity for full-scale digital product creation and distribution approach.  This is primarily due to fear of product cannibalization as well as obligations and restrictions due to existing contractual obligations with traditional media distribution companies. It has been fifteen years since a professional wrestling program has targeted children, which is attributable to one of the factors driving professional wrestling’s declining popularity.  In the past, Saturday morning and Sunday television programming were used to introduce children to wrestling, making many of them life-long fans.  These fans still purchase live event tickets, pay-per-view (PPV) events, and merchandise, including t-shirts, action figures, and video games.    

‘Violent’ children’s programming continues to thrive, as evidenced by strong brands such as Power Rangers and Marvel super-hero programs which generate core and ancillary revenue in many forms.  While violent, these programs feature ‘Good vs. Evil’, with ‘Good’ ultimately winning and persevering over the challenges, strife, and temptations, that all children and people in general, experience in life.  p HOTRCW programming will follow this winning formula. Further, the programming content will contain traditional and contemporary wrestling characters, appealing to both the core adult wrestling fan and younger viewers.  The younger viewers are likely to motivate their parents toward a live or PPV event.