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Remember Heroes Of The Ring Championship Wrestling Series is only on the TROPTIONS Television Network. And we’re just getting started, so tell your friends and family.

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Strimm TV |Heroes of The Ring

Strimm TV |NWWE Wrestling

The TROPTIONS Television Network is thrilled to announce a new relationship with James Allen of New World Wrestling Xtreme, which will begin broadcasting on Saturday evenings on the TROPTIONS Television Network in the “Heroes of The Ring Championship Wrestling Series” starting in August 2022. Please visit our Facebook page for more details. On the other wrestling companies joining us! Make sure you attend their upcoming events because you might just end up on Global Television!

Who’s ready for some Thunder Championship Wrestling?

Thunder Championship Wrestling·

We are thrilled to welcome Mr. Herb Simmons of “Southern Illinois Championship Wrestling. To the “Heroes of The Ring Championship Wrestling Series.”
Coming to TROPTIONS Television Network starting in July 2022.
SICW Professional Wrestling was formed in the late 1970s and has grown to become well-known throughout the Midwest over the last 35 years. Wrestling fans Disruptions are coming, get READY!

Global Wrestling Evolution | Facebook

Strimm TV |GWE Wrestling

We are very excited to welcome GWE “Global Wrestling Evolutions” from Panama City, Panama. Great Action Here this lineup just keeps getting better.

(1) The Midget Wrestling Warriors LLC | Facebook

TROPTIONS Television Network is pleased to announce the addition of The Midget Wrestling Warriors to the Saturday lineup for the “Heroes of The Ring Championship Wrestling Series,” which will begin in July 2023! The Midget Wrestling Warriors are a group of professional midget wrestlers who perform at event centers, casinos, clubs, fairs, and festivals around the world.

Please contact Dan DiLucchio at with any booking inquiries.

Strimm TV |OSCW Wrestling

The Heroes Of The Ring Championship Wrestling Series!

Join us for a great evening of Live Pro Wrestling action in the Charleston SC area.  Former WWE Stars Gunner aka Jaxson Ryker, Gangrel, Impact TV Star John Skyler, WCW Star Lodi plus many more of the best wrestlers from all over the southeast will be traveling into the Low Country to put on a great event for you.  Don’t miss it! 

From the West Coast, we welcome 4 Corners Championship Wrestling brings 6 great teams. Starting with “Lucha Libre & Laughs”,Combat & Cabaret.IWC.New Era and Primos.

Strimm TV |4 Corner Wrestling

Lucha Libre & Laughs

(2) Lucha Libre & Laughs | Facebook

Lucha Libre & Laughs brings Pro-wrestling and stand-up comedy together for one great show in Denver, Colorado!


 Colorado Springs only place for real live professional wrestling.
Combat & Cabaret

Combat & Cabaret is the perfect fusion of Professional Wrestling with Cabaret style Burlesque. The owners of two organizations, Colorado Springs Wrestling and the Champagne Cabaret, have teamed up to bring you a world-class entertainment experience!
IWC Legacy

IWC in Denver, Colorado brings the best from all over the world together to showcase the best in pro.

New Era
Family-friendly affordable wrestling entertainment as only the Rocky Mountains can bring you! Colorado’s best!


Primos is a world-class professional wrestling organization. Merging the best local talent with international legends to offer entertainment for all ages. Primos is an entertainment corporation, specializing in professional wrestling. Throughout the previous 11 years, Primos has operated out of Denver venues, including Red and Jerry’s and The Watering Bowl. Primos bases its operations on a simple yet effective mission statement, with a goal to provide customers with a unique entertainment experience prided upon its ambition to further innovate our industry’s seemingly limitless potential for creativity and ingenuity

We would like to welcome The Women of SHINE Wrestling to the Heroes Of The RING Championship Wrestling series on the Troptions Television Network

Strimm TV |Shine Wrestling

(3) SHINE Wrestling | Facebook

We would like to welcome Southern All-Star Wrestling based out of Nashville, Tennessee to Heroes Of The RING Championship Wrestling Series on Troptions Television Network every Saturday.